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Another thing about tall girls is that a tall girl usually doesn’t look like an easy target, and some guys with average height believe the girl won’t like them because she is taller, which is not true in most cases.

But if guys can sometimes choose between tall and a short girl, they chose tall, because some of them like tall genes.

So when we look at the big picture, why does the survey and scientific results show that men like shorter women?

We can say that here is an inconsistency between the media feminine ideal and our real-world feminine ideal.

They do not have to bother with black clothes to make them skinny.

There is a reason why the world’s top designers consider high models to be more desirable (which is why women around the planet’s limbs in high heels). If the guy is a bit taller than a woman, it can serve in a lot of things. You hug us right around the waist, and the top of your head doesn’t even clear our neck.

When men are looking for a woman to date, the list of qualities to consider can seem infinite. But height is often the first thing you notice on someone.

If a men is shorter and unsafe, he will probably compensate for his height and look for a shorter girl (to feel stronger? And if he is shorter and resourceful, he will look for a tall girl.

I can honestly say that a girl’s height has never impacted if I was attracted to her, if I liked her or if I wanted to date her.

Physical appearance is something that you really can’t change and especially height.

You can say what you want but there is nothing not attractive about a tall girl.

Men who are over 6 feet tall will surely have less problems dating tall women because they will still be the taller one in the relationship. Based on this female ideal, it seems that all of us have a preference for the tall, thin, and willowy look.

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