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Even if you’re writing words worthy of Shakespeare, she’s going to get overwhelmed if you send her a massive amount of text. But I mentioned in my profile that I loved Netflix and standup comedy.

Our attention spans change when we search the internet or log into dating apps. By asking this question, he’s seamlessly addressing both of those interests.

And when you do that, it’ll be easier to build chemistry Once again, humor and playfulness are important in the early stages of dating. This guy is asking about who my favorite comedian is because he noticed in my profile that I said I like stand-up comedy.

This is also a great icebreaker because my answer will automatically lead to more conversation.

When you open by mentioning something she’s interested in, she’ll see you’re attentive.

Quick sidebar: Outside of dating apps, you can work on improving your humor by taking an improv comedy class.

Why does Boyle have to be held up to the world as some sort of weird anomaly? I mean, how on Earth was she able to go some 53 years boyfriendless? I look forward to that meeting that special guy someday. I bet it’s going to be as special as if it had happened when I was 14 or 15.

The first sentence of the PEOPLE article even used the word finally, as if to say, “Wow, it’s about time she has a boyfriend. I’ll probably still be as giddy and as nervous as ever, but isn’t that just part of the excitement?

Always keep things fun and upbeat when it comes to Tinder icebreakers, as well as your profile.

You want to be sure to not come off as snarky or sarcastic to the point of being mean.

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And to answer this guy’s question, coffee is my exclusive source when it comes to caffeine consumption. The only piece of advice I would offer is to cool down the quirk as the conversation continues.

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