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The Sims series has come a long way since the tame days of the first game in the series.

Those no-fun prudes would barely go near each other unless it involved making a baby.

Either way, youll have something to brag about to your friends the next day.

How to get it on: If youre in a high-rise building and have two romantically involved Sims in the vicinity, the Woo Hoo option will appear when you click on the elevator.

And its about time those brainy scientists saw some action.

And whats more scandalous than sneaking away during a tour of City Hall to Woo Hoo with a partner?

Once inside, the option to Woo Hoo should appear when you click on the theater. Youre on a date, the movie is boring, so you find other ways to occupy your time in the theater.

Its already dark, so the mood is set, and compared to some of the other wild places your Sims have been getting it on around town, the theater is downright tame.

Nothing says respecting the military like sneaking off during a tour for a little hanky panky.

And theres always a chance your Sims might get busted and thrown out onto the street, with your Sims nudity exposed in all its pixilated glory. How to get it on: Just like the military base, Woo Hooing in this rabbit hole requires two lovers to tour it together.

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