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Indeed, the work that has vaulted him to fame has also nearly been his undoing.“The characters that mean the most to me are the ones that damn near kill me,” he said, leaning back into a sidewalk bench on Foster Avenue.

Williams improvised a kiss that had not been in the script. Before filming the scene when Omar was killed, for example, he listened to “Let There Be Light,” by the rapper Nas.

Williams saw versions of himself and many of his friends, in all their complexities and inner conflicts.

The character was at once menacing and jocular, openly gay and privately tortured, a lawless vigilante and regular churchgoer.“Omar is this dark-skinned outspoken man in the hood who didn’t care what anyone thought of him,” Mr. “He is everything I wished I could be.”He made a point of accentuating those contrasts.

His nimble moves even landed him some work as a part-time backup dancer.

Then one night at a bar in Queens, on the eve of his 25th birthday, he stepped outside to find a group of men jumping his friend.

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