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"So with much love, we hope you enjoy the final episode of tonight at 8 pm. The cast and I hope you'll continue to check in and see what 2013 has in store for all of us.

"With much love and gratitude, Victoria Justice a.k.a.

If you love Victorious, I feel sure you will love the NEW episodes coming! We’re extremely proud of the show, and all we’ve accomplished.

By now, a lot of you have heard that Victorious will Please understand: Almost all Nickelodeon shows have a life of about 60 episodes. Also – and it’s really important that you know this – the network’s decision about Victorious had nothing to do with “Gibby” or “Sam & Cat”. Even if there was no “Gibby” and no “Sam & Cat” – the network would have ended Victorious after its 60-episode run. Stay psyched about the 15 new episodes of Victorious coming your way!

We all laughed and we then started our very first table read. At the end of the table read, they surprised me with a big birthday cake, flowers and balloons. So, because we don't have one, I'm going to tell you what I think happens to every cast member.

"Tori- Tori gets signed to a record deal and becomes a popstar. "Andre- He also gets signed to a record deal and not only is super successful as a recording artist, but also as a writer/producer. "Trina- Trina is looking to marry a prince (because that's what she feels she deserves) so she auditions and gets accepted to the new season of the bachelor, where England's Prince Harry is the new bachelor (poor Harry).

I remember discussing what we would name it and him calling me one day and saying, 'I have it, it's going to be called "Our first day of production of the pilot was on my 16th birthday. "The show aired in March of 2010 right after the Kids Choice Awards and we debuted to record numbers for the network. The cast and I have had so many incredible memories together and we are so touched by the outpouring of support from all of you.

But I ask that you please not be angry with Victoria, or Leon, Liz, Ariana, Avan… I can almost guarantee you – they will make a big impact on the future of entertainment. I’ll see you online later, and I’ll try to answer some of your questions. "Beck- He keeps auditioning and gets cast in his own series of a high school student who's also a sociopath *wink*.His new show films in another city and he and Jade break up.If I misspell anything in this post, please forgive me – I’m in the back seat of a car, typing on my phone! There is a whole NEW season of Victorious coming your way. So, it’s not unusual for a Nick show to do a run of just 60 episodes.We just finished shooting 15 new episodes, and they’re amazing. I would to have made more than 60 of Victorious, but that’s how it usually goes.

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In honor of this I thought I'd write a letter about my journey on Nickelodeon and most of all my gratitude to all of you.

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