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Since SBS was canceled in 1997, Patrick has continued to pursue his TV career, which includes 2 Dallas reunion movies and the revival series Dallas (2012).Widowed in 2017, he splits his time between Los Angeles and southern Oregon.Our show would never have gone beyond three or four years if it had been just a love story of Bobby and Pam.That's why Larry Hagman is the dearest friend I have in the world for the past 30 years. We'd all gather after every shot in Larry's little converted bread van and have this best time and it never ended for 13 years. She'd schlepp in and drop your jaw with every performance--whether it was drinking a cup of coffee, having a mastectomy, or losing Jock Ewing. Larry Hagman was obviously the prow of the boat, but he couldn't have functioned without a strong mother, and I don't think there's been a mother like her on dramatic television since then.Two years later, he won the role of "Bobby Ewing" on Dallas (1978). In 1986, his parents were murdered by 2 teenagers who raided their tavern in Montana.

The couple then moved to Hollywood, where he drove a florist's delivery truck, and landed small roles in film and television. In 1976, Patrick was working as a house painter when he landed the role of "Mark Harris" in the TV series Man from Atlantis (1977).Later Wentz recanted his testimony and told prosecutors he was the one who murdered the couple, but Miller's November 2000 appeal of clemency was denied.When he was a kid the father of his future wife (Carlyn Rosser) had worked with Barbara Bel Geddes in her first Broadway play, "The Moon is Blue", years before he got the role on Dallas (1978) as her youngest son.The result is the famous shower scene where Duffy's character, "Bobby Ewing", returns from the dead and says "Good Morning" to his TV wife, played by Victoria Principal.Principal did not know that Duffy was returning to the show until she saw that cliffhanger on TV, and then phoned him.

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The only reason to write a book would be to make money, and I don't want to do that.

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