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Then, new cast member Heidi Gardner gets her first triumph as Angel, every boxer’s girlfriend in every boxing movie ever.

opened this week’s show at Paul Manafort’s apartment, where Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump pays a visit to his now-indicted former campaign manager, played by Alex Moffat.“So go put on your baggy suit, fold your hair nice, and answer all of our questions face-to-face like the public servant that you are.” The first two desk pieces were the funniest parts of tonight’s show.First, Mikey Day – who, like Bennett, has had a reduced role this season compared to last as the show more successfully blends its ensemble – and Moffat returned as Donald Trump Jr.Baldwin’s Trump tells him that his initial name for the new Republican tax plan, the “Cut Cut Cut Plan,” was so named “because I was having a small stroke,” and asks Manafort if he has a good shiv to bring with him to prison, since Trump’s insults of certain ethnic groups means the prisoners will “really go to town” on his associate.Melania, meanwhile, amazed that her Donald is not making his usual crude comments, grows attracted to the fake Donald.

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He tells him up front that a body double is taking his place for the Asia trip, and we cut to Melania Trump (Cecily Strong) aboard Air Force One with the inflatable autopilot from the comedy classic dressed as Trump, although the show fails to follow through on the joke from the film, where blowing him up looks very much like oral sex, causing the fake pilot to smile.

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