Who has john mayer dating who is anson mount dating

But it lasted longer than just one weekend, as both prior to and after that weekend they were spotted dining out and having drinks at different locations.They were confirmed by a source close to John as definitely dating.Don’t get me wrong — I like a tough, masculine guy who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

A victim of his boyish charms, Holly admits, “I fell in love with him for a couple of weeks like every other girl who sees him play guitar.” Yeah, pretty much.

And while I am sure there are plenty of women we do not know about, on this list there is nary an unfamiliar (read: non-celebrity) woman he's been with.

Many articles refer to the womanizing crooner's hookups as his "victims", often speculating as to who would be his next.

Nowadays it seems as if his love life is not as in the spotlight as it was in recent years, but no worry.

I have 17 out of his God-knows-how-many lovers right here, and you can decide for yourself if they are victims or if they are lucky to have been with him.

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