Who are the members of little mix dating are megan fox and shia labeouf dating

Perrie, who is dating footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, has said that "definitely marriage" is what she wants.The 25-year-old has been dating Alex for almost two years.It seems as though Jade from Little Mix has worked with Stonewall an LGBT charity, for her 25th birthday themed in drag.I have high suspicions that Jade could be the LGBT member of Little Mix!I'm a hopeless romantic but, at the same time, I'm career-driven first." Meanwhile, her fellow band mate Leigh-Anne Pinnock also admitted that she wants to wed her bf, Watford FC footballer Andre Gray.The 27-year-old, who has been dating Andre for more than two years, said, "Do you know what I'm excited for? To say Andre and Leigh-Anne Gray in letters." She continued, "Obviously we want to get married.

I have mad respects if either she is gay/bi or is just a big supporter of LGBT.

As a big mixer myself it does me proud to see Jade supporting LOVE and the LGBT Community.

Note I have the same poster in the above image in my room at home, As a mixer, I fully support Jade no matter what sexuality she is.

I actually LOVE her' written across the photo - also tagging in Alex.

Despite Perrie and Alex not yet being engaged, fans seem to be convinced that they have already tied the knot saying, ' I sincerely hope this is true!

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If she does come out as bi or gay then I’d be even more supportive!

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