When to meet the parents dating

You can be with a person for months, but at the end, both of you know the relationship probably won’t survive a year.

Relationships like these are definitely not the ones you want to show to your parents.

So how do you know if your boyfriend should meet your parents?

Since every family is different, I think this is a hard question to answer in one post.

If the guy you’re dating doesn’t want that accountability, he may not be ready to value you the way you deserve.

But before you take the time to introduce the guy you’re dating, think about the following questions. If he seems skittish about meeting your parents, it’s worth asking why. The family is the pivotal point for discipleship and the foundation of the church. Does the guy you’re dating care about your family dynamic?

The accountability of involving your family (particularly if you have godly parents) encourages honor, purity and honesty.

It also gives each party in the relationship a better view of their partner; our family accounts for much about our personalities and priorities.

Whatever your family history, your boyfriend should respect your family and honor your relationship with them. Meeting the parents takes a relationship to a deeper level.

It forces a guy to acknowledge that there are other people who love and value you—people who will hold him accountable if he disrespects you.

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If your parents approach relationships from a legalistic perspective, you may be afraid to share your relationship intentions with them.

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