When did kim and ray j start dating

With cheating allegations, fights, and friends becoming enemies it is making for some solid TV viewing.When Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 4 Episode 8 got underway, Ray J was working on his music career and revealed that he wanted to make a big return.

It’s also rumored that the couple installed a playroom with 2 floors.

#Life Goals The Kim and Kayne house has 8-bedrooms, 10-bathrooms, and amazingly Kim included a basketball court as Kanye’s birthday present and an ode to ex-husband Kris Humphries (kidding).

Also, it’s said that the couple is installing a large body of water, in addition to two swimming pools.

However, West was not satisfied with the outcome of the reconstruction.

Therefore, in summer of 2016, the house underwent a substantial rework…again. The couple lived in the Bel Air mansion awaiting the completion of the beautiful Hidden Hills House until November 2017.

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However, the improvements are mainly aimed to make the house modern, more accommodating for tons of visitors, and to infuse ostentatiousness and opulence into the property.

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