Video chat backdoor

Seth Polansky, Cellcrypt's vice president for North America, disputes the idea that building technology to allow wiretapping is a security risk.

"It's only creating a weakness for government agencies," he says.

This is not a good idea to be forced to do or to agree with.

See message by Boxiydkdmhxkhdkhxkyx here: Requires total access to Contacts or must be force quit • March 15, 2016 AM @vwm "No one doubts"?

• March 15, 2016 AM @Ralf: any system which allows Man-in-the-Middle has failures in Authentication."Just because a government access option exists, it doesn't mean other companies can access it."Just because we put a backdoor in a product, doesn't mean those backdoors will be abused, right guys? Of course this is the same Verizon that has mocked Internet companies for "grandstanding" when it comes to their latest encryption push.But while those companies have refreshingly started competing over who can respect your privacy more, Verizon's making it clear that privacy is an afterthought, even when pitching privacy services.As a string of whistle blowers like former AT&T employee Mark Klein have made clear abundantly clear, the line purportedly separating intelligence operations from the nation's incumbent phone companies was all-but obliterated long ago.As such, it's relatively amusing to see Verizon announce this week that the company is offering up a new encrypted wireless voice service named Voice Cypher.

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