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Alternatively, you can pay via Paypal by making your payment to: [email protected] we'd like a frame rubbing or digital photo of the scooters frame number, however, this is not essential.

All letters come with a sheet detailing what you need to do next in order to register your scooter (Insurance, MOT etc.), thus ensuring that you are in possession of all the information you'll need to get on the road.

Vespa is the Italian word for ‘wasp’, and it was Enrico Piaggio - founder of the Piaggio factory in the province of Pisa - who gave the scooter its name back in 1946, because of the high buzzing noise – like a wasp - that its engine made, and its unusual narrow-waisted shape.

The modern version of the Vespa has none of the charm or careful manufacturing of its predecessors either.

But a visit to Marco’s workshop makes you wonder whether, straddling one of his shining beauties, it might not still be possible to relive the atmosphere of a past era, when ladies wore headscarves and rode side-saddle.

This includes a wonderful, working juke box that plays some of the classics of Italian pop from the Dolce Vita era.

I know nothing about engines or any of the technical jargon to do with bikes or cars, but I love the shape colour and feel of vintage models. Gazing admiringly at the current line-up of ten scooters, the oldest dating from 1948, I imagined what it must have been like to zoom around on the back of one of them in their heyday, blending stylishly into the Italian scene.

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