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/etc/mysql/mysql-server-core-5.5 - My SQL database server binaries php5-sqlite - SQLite module for php5 libqt4-sql-mysql - Qt 4 My SQL database driver librdf0 - Redland Resource Description Framework (RDF) library rsyslog - reliable system and kernel logging daemon [Note: the solution was discovered in the Update 2 data, and explained at the bottom, apt pinning.] Diagnosing this issue requires determining where the failure is happening.

First, try this, it appears that something is wrong in terms of your sources, so just replace them with these, then debug backwards once you have a working setup again:

Visit Stack Exchange $ apt-get install mysql-client Reading package lists...Modify the sources.list, run is working and not showing errors, and if you see the end result: 18.9 MB updated which your paste does show in the end, this strongly suggests that the issue is a failure to write the data to disk, in a way that apt itself is not able to be aware of in order to show error messages due to that failure.Check: to make sure the /var partition apt is writing the update data to is not full. Note that reinstalling will not fix hardware failures, so it's probably a better idea to figure out why it's failing than to reinstall hoping that will resolve the issues.Visit Stack Exchange The Ubuntu 16.04 server VM image apparently starts the "apt-daily.service" every 12 hours or so; this service performs various APT-related tasks like refreshing the list of available packages, performing unattended upgrades if needed, etc.When starting from a VM "snapshot", the service is triggered I need to disable this automated APT task until Ansible has completed the machine setup (which typically involves installing packages); see for more info and context.

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