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"Just as Facebook has a huge social graph, which is used by advertisers worldwide, Happn has a social graph, but this social graph has something very very valuable and special – it’s hyper localised and real time, so it allows so many things for the marketers," he said."You are Dior, you want to launch your new perfume on Happn, so every store that sells Dior can create a profile and they can reach all the people who are around the store right now and send them a message with a discount." As the service grows, Mr Rappaport said he wants to introduce new features to enrich the communication between users.However, Mr Rappaport said he regrets making men pay for charms and not women. I did that in the beginning because it was the way everyone was doing it – men pay; it’s the French way of life," he said. I would love to change it, because if we are talking about equality between men and women, it shouldn’t be like that.Now we will not do it, because when you have a model it is very difficult to change it, but I would love to change it, believe me." At the moment, charms paid for by men are Happn's only source of revenue, but from January 2016, it plans to introduce native advertising, which will take advantage of the company's location data.The popularity of location-based mobile apps like Tinder, Grindr and Happn, which match people based on proximity, has risen exponentially.Tinder, for example, has reportedly been downloaded more than 40m times globally since launching in September 2012, and its users collectively "swipe" profiles over 1bn times per day."The reaction of the users was excellent, because it’s not disturbing at all, it’s immersed into the experience, so this will be the way will allow brands to advertise on Happn." While Happn has access to a wealth of user data, Mr Rappaport said that the company would never sell or rent the data to third parties.Brands will be able to use it to build an experience into Happn, but they will never get access to the data itself.

"The company created profiles – Mr Fiat and Mrs Fiat – and in the morning we sent a push notification to our London base, saying today Mr Fiat and Mrs Fiat are in the streets of London; try to cross paths with them and if you succeed, and like them, you will be entered into a draw," he said.

"Tinder is a huge company, and they have created a really brilliant concept – the swipe – but when you apply the swipe to the human being, you transform the human being into an object," he said.

"We all know there is no algorithm that will make people fit with each other. We believe that anything can happen when you’re not waiting for it." Happn is growing exponentially.

The original testbeds for Happn were Paris, London and Berlin, and the app's success in all three cities proved to him that it could scale internationally.

However, location-based dating apps have not been without their controversies.

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It took the company ten months to reach a million users, the second million took three months, and the third million took two.

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