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If you set the Causes Validation property of the Help button control to false, the control can act without triggering the Validating event in the control with current focus.

The Key Press event fires only for keys that generate character values, excluding function, control, and cursor-movement keys.

Some confusion exists in the definition of data validation because the validation process does not check that the data is correct.

For example, if one inputs letters into a field that states it is for numbers and in the format of _ _ / _ _ / _ _ , the computer flags this as a data-validation error.

The options for the Character Casing property are Normal (the default, which does not change the case of input characters), Upper (changes all the characters to uppercase), and Lower (changes all the characters to lowercase).

The Max Length property of a Text Box or Combo Box is used to restrict the maximum number of characters the user can input into the control.

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A value of 0 (the default) specifies no specific limit for the number of characters that can be entered by the user.

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