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In our ongoing effort to evaluate Exchange permissions, the updates released today include an Active Directory permission change which will lower Exchange Server permissions.Additional details and recommended customer actions follow.In order to apply these changes, a directory admin will need to run the cumulative update setup program we are releasing today with the /Prepare AD parameter.When multiple Exchange versions co-exist in a single Active Directory forest, the cumulative update matching the latest version of Exchange deployed should be used.If you need to raise or modify any of these settings, make sure to follow your normal change process...

More information on /Prepare AD and /Prepare Domain is available at this link. We will be releasing an updated blog very soon providing more information about the feature and instructions on how to use it.

Not 'could not be', and there was no option prompt, just 'wasn't installed. When I click to download the pack, it starts to look like it's downloading/installing, but it either makes 0 progress or it reaches a point near completion and never completes (it did this twice, both times I left for an hour. Manual Langauge pack through lpksetup I downloaded language packs from multiple places, all verified by other users of these forums, and when I load them in, I am not able to continue with installing them, I just have the yellow exclamation mark and the option to abort.

I use US English on my computer but my original Windows is the German version.

We can easily verify this by looking at the properties of the domain in and also by Power Shell.

Feel free to use whichever method you prefer, there are many more.

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