Updating the t1 audio engine

Tone control to soften sound with a lowpass filter. Watch a video on the Vowel Filter The new comb filter creates everything from subtle, pitched overtones to extreme time-warped deconstruction of any given patch.

Watch a video on the Comb Filter OS4 for the Virus TI series introduces a powerful new feature that allows you use the arpeggiator pattern to modulate any of the parameters available to the modulation matrix.

The virtual stomp boxes feature carefully modeled distortion curves and tonal characteristics and include tone controls where appropriate.

Mint Overdrive - The sound of this one just screams tubes - a very special kind of overdrive which results in a wonderful smokey tone.

You can use this to create dynamic, rhythmical patterns within a sound, similar to what you can achieve with a step sequencer.

Watch a video on the new Arpeggiator The Tape Delay goes way beyond the possibilities of the real Tape Delays of the '60s and '70s.

Globally assign one of five different reverbs to each mic/line channel.

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Some even go beyond conventional physics and cannot be reproduced with analog circuit design.OS4 for the entire Virus TI line of synthesizers brings 6 more distortion flavors to the table, modeled on vintage guitar distortion pedals.Every one of these classic pedals is famous for its distinctive character and has been exploited by some of the greatest guitar heroes of all time.Our model of continual evolution is based on the simple fact Virus users actively participate in the process of improving the products they already own.Again this is mutually beneficial since we don’t have to move to a new hardware revision in order to present you with features that provide renewed value and inspiration.

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