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If you find error in Word Press feed generation, go to Word Press forum and search with something closer to Word Press Feed not updating or like that.There is a plugin, some says it works; some says it never works.You absolutely have to have tt-rss open in a browser tab on a running computer somewhere.Fix Word Press RSS feed not updating problem by following this logical guide.But, finding the reason is the main point to solve the issue.If you have problem with Word Press feed generation, it is obviously a wastage of time and energy to find how to fix the issue. I can right click and "Refresh All" and they do update, but just that one time.

Other bloggers and Word Press users also complain of the same issue, Think logically : In our case, there was no reason; WPBeginner’s way to ping Feedburner worked fine.I'm trying to test a service that consumes RSS feeds and turns them into push notifications, and it would be nice if there was a very regularly updated publicly available RSS feed I could point it at.I know I can just use a news feed like CNN, but I'm wondering if there's something more "Lorem Ipsum" style for RSS.% Updating Feeds You have to setup one of this methods before you can start using tt-rss properly, otherwise your feeds won’t be updated.Run update daemon if you are allowed to run background processes on your tt-rss machine. On Debian, official packages have cronjob-based updating setup out of the box. Please use it if you have access to PHP command line interpreter and can run background processes.

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Anybody got suggestions for me to get my feeds updating automatically again?

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