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In other words there are more changes than just a gray scale to color screen and screen size. The 76C series have more memory, a better basemap, a different case/button style, and ready to go for "marine" use.You can get the marine data information file from the Garmin web site and download it into the 60C.For instance the connector for power and data is different and no longer supports "RS232" serial but does support USB.In a similar vane the new 2004 models 76C and 76CS also have firmware changes from the older 76 and 76S so some comments that apply to the older 76 series won't apply to the new series. These are very similar to the 76C and 76CS with the primary differences in the case and memory.

Is the map bigger than 4GB the unit cannot read the maps.These color models are different enough from the other e Trexes that it might have been less confusing to have given them different names.So be aware that some of the comments below about e Trex series may still apply to the Legend C and Vista C and other comments won't.To mark a location based on the map screen: Since it usually takes awhile to enter waypoint names, you can enter the waypoints ahead of time with the appropriate name and the coordinates at your current location.Then when you reach the location, use the "Project Location" or "Reposition" function with a distance of zero to mark the current location.

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