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The citizenship certificate provides the same information and serves the same function, but has a different appearance.It also contains a Unique Client Identifier for additional authentication.If you have one ID document but not two: If you have a photo ID such as a passport or driver's license, but do not have any other ID documents, include copies of as many of the following documents as possible: If you have only one or do not have any ID documents with a photo, you should provide as many of the above documents as you can, AND what's called a Statutory Declaration.This declaration contains several statements about your identity, an ID picture of you, and is sworn before a lawyer.IRCC no longer issues citizenship cards or the commemorative certificates that came with them. If you apply to update or replace your citizenship card, we will send you the new certificate.

For this reason, if you have to submit supporting documents from another country because you live outside Canada or the US, you must submit your citizenship card application to the Canadian consulate closest to where you live.Please refer to following webpage for more information.The Canadian citizenship certificate (formerly citizenship card) is a document used by naturalized Canadian citizens to prove their status in Canada.If you submit proof that you need your certificate urgently, it is at the discretion of the officer reviewing your file whether to expedite the processing of your application to replace your citizenship card.For CIC to issue a new citizenship card to you, they have to confirm your identity.

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If you don't have all of the required documents for your citizenship card application, please see the next section.

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