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I was able to get high grades in all of my classes, not just physics, at ND (I had around a 3.75 / 4.0 GPA). Everyone seemed smarter than I was (I think I ended up with a 2.5 GPA). (ND won the national championship in football in the two years I graduated so that added to the fun.) UC students were more heavily into being library dwellers. ND was much more strait-laced (it is a Catholic school, after all).At UC you could not infer anything about the gender of a person’s roommate.

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Also, I attended both in the 1970s so things may have changed since then. (I then went back to ND to get an MBA and I did quite well despite never having taken an undergrad business course.

UC is definitely more challenging academically than ND. It turned out that knowledge of math, which I had, was more important.)Culturally, ND was more of a party school and, of course, spectator sports were big too.

I dated one female several times before finding out that, not only was her roommate male, her relationship with him was certainly not platonic.

There is no greater spectacle in all of collegiate lacrosse than the glistening gold helmets of the Fighting Irish, marching two by two onto the field of battle, led by the cry of bagpipes.

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