Twin dating problems

They start to descend through the pre-angelic and angelic realms in a very hazy and dreamy fashion. Memory of the remaining journey down the celestial, spiritual, mental, astral and etheric realms is just as blurred.

The entire journey down to the etheric/physical realm takes thousands of millions of years until they arrive at a physical planet.

In the primitive stages of our human evolution we certainly would not be able to differentiate between our soul mates and our twin.

It is only very much later, nearing the time of the return journey to the spiritual realms that we are able to recognize our twin. Then these two sub-groups are further divided into 32, then 16, 8, 4 and ultimately two.

And as soon as we meet any one in our soul group we instantly feel an attraction to the other.

This time round they would go into the vegetation kingdom.

Again all of them would remain in the same family of plants as they progressed.

If the leader decides to be an orchid, the remaining soul mates would become the same type of orchid.

From thence onwards, the whole group would grow spiritually by dying and being reborn into different types of vegetation, e.g. It is in this kingdom that we first learnt about death.

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