Twilight actors dating in real life

They almost always feature gorgeous young people with melodramatic relationship issues that inspire some of the most intensely passionate fanbases in existence.

This couple met on the set of is adorably relatable.

Padalecki said: "I was a single dude, and she was a pretty girl... Meanwhile, I think she was like, 'Who is this long-haired A-hole who thinks he can come talk to me while I'm reading a book?

' I interrupted her while she was reading a book and I think she got kind of fussy about it." Seriously, gents. Luckily she wasn’t so put off by his first attempt to get to know her better, and the two have officially become the poster children for CW’s real-life happily ever after. Traditionally a news reporter, she’s had a long and storied comics backstory, living on to become the mother and aunt of later Flash iterations in the modern age.

The two are incredibly supportive of one another, as evidenced in Benoist’s support of Woods’ mental illness awareness campaign “I Don’t Mind” and his affectionate response to via Instagram her appearing in an IDM sweatshirt representing her own struggle with depression: "This brilliant woman is a light. To many more trips around the world, therapy hikes, life changing encounters, "London":), & to seeing every cat there is in existence together" Anyone else desperate to know why London’s in quotes?

Her heart has remained open and full despite the many difficulties she has faced, and her generous spirit fills the world with more love. Many sources cited their age difference as a reason for their break-up, but the two have never spoken publicly about the reason for their split.

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But that’s exactly what happened to Alex and Maggie on When Alex Danvers met Maggie Sawyer, the relationship between the two blossomed into something romantic despite Danvers having never being with a woman before.

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  1. You’ve been chatting with her half the night and things are going well. You’ll have plenty of time to socialize after and asking for a number does not have to be a parting gesture.