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Sex tourism of women has, despite all claims, a certain, but no significant occurence in Tunisia.

It certainly is happening - in certain spots and at certain times more than in others, but the numbers are, over all, fairly small . There are very few hot spots for male homosexual tourism, though, although homosexuality is a public offense in Tunisia. As a result, the western partner will, in almost all cases, suffer financial and especially emotional losses.

Additionally, even though some aspects of society were relatively liberal, the regime still classified itself as a Muslim people.

For children, however, even when the mother obtains the custody ( The cohabitation of unmarried and non-related persons of different sex constitutes in Tunisia the offense of prostitution, and is, as well, socially ostracized.

Inheritance laws are indirectly based on Islamic inheritance jurisprudence, with religion never being mentioned in the Code of Personal Status; these laws accord to women half the share of property due to men.

When Tunisia was still a colony of France, the majority of Tunisian women were veiled, uneducated and performed the domestic duties required by husbands and fathers.

"Sex tourism" is a topic of this website and will only be mentioned in the context of the discussion.

It is a business agreement between consenting adults - there is neither love involved, nor is one of the participiants unaware of the strictly business character of it.

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However, the cohabitation of Westerners and Tunisians, is mostly suspected to be an homosexual partnership - it will often be tolerated by state and society, but never accepted.

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