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Kroll was a start-up golden boy, but with a dark side that was exacerbated by the roller-coaster highs and lows of the fast-paced tech industry. a manual of how to deal with [whirlwind success],” said Neuwald.“That probably, unfortunately, got the best of him, although I had hoped he’d be able to fight those demons.” According to sources, Kroll had struggled with addiction for years.He even jokingly used a Tinder-like slogan: "Love at first bite." You could swipe through pictures of restaurant dishes posted on Instagram, invite your friends to meet you at the place, and schedule it all from within the app.It also had a feature that let you put out an open invitation to strangers to meet up somewhere at a specific place and time.You get to chat with one match at a time with a short window to make plans or move on.If no plans are made, you can you meet another person.He launched it first in Austin and grew so excited by the idea of doing a tech startup that he quit his job to work full-time on Dindr, living frugally on his savings without a paycheck. He and his team polled the users on what they liked, what they didn't.

The Dindr team retooled it as a sort of speed dating app that helps you meet someone and pick a restaurant that won't leave you hanging wondering why someone hasn't responded to you.

Casler had moved to Texas a few years earlier for a job as an oil trader. He'd been dabbling with a food blog and as a food photographer, and he was growing frustrated with how hard it was to gather a few friends together to try a new restaurant.

So he built an app called Dindr, which was supposed to be like Tinder for dinner plans.

“I think that, probably, being continually catapulted into these high visibility, successful roles — in a very fast-moving city where there’s a lot of accessibility [to illicit substances] — made it difficult for him to stay grounded,” said Maggie Neuwald, who was engaged to Kroll from 2012 to 2013.

Kroll — who launched HQ Trivia with Rus Yusupov in August 2017 — presided over a business valued at 0 million. In 2012, they sold Vine, the once wildly popular video app they created, to Twitter for million.

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A number of people were using that open invite feature to meet people and set up dinner dates. Why use a food app to find love when so many dating apps already exist?

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