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For the past two decades, Shiflett has been the primary guitar foil for Dave Grohl in Foo Fighters; early in his tenure, Shiflett was so self-deprecatingly...

»»» John Paul White, to paraphrase a Steve Earle song, may just be one of the last of the hardcore troubadours.

Fast forward a few years to the country singers of today.

»»»Chris Stapleton's All-American Road show feels like a singular mission to rid the genre of the bro country scourge that has plagued it for years.

These are the touchstones of country , the guys who made country music what it was and still is (or maybe can be).

When these folks would sing about being down-and-out and the rough-and-tumble, they knew of what they were singing about.

Growing up, Toby’s family moved around a lot of cities before finally settling in Moore, Oklahoma.

Initially working towards his future dreams other than music, Keith’s story transcends over four decades and about four different career paths including rodeo riding, pro-football, the oil fields and of course the music industry.

People of a certain age can recall a time in America when a polyester-clad party host would reward late-night diehards with a "blue" record.

These vinyl gems (or bootleg tapes) would be funny and frank, both in their language and adult subject matter.

More so, his music interests were further stoked by the musicians who performed at the bandstand in his grandmother’s club. Toby Keith first attended Highland West Junior High and later Moore High School.

After high school, he worked with his father at the Oklahoman oil fields where he rose through the ranks and became an operations manager.

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The song itself is featured on Keith's platinum "White Trash With Money" album.

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