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Someone with PTSD may have a lot of anxiety because of their trauma.

When they learn how to improve their negative thought patterns, it will become easier to cope with their panic or anxiety and learn to be at peace.

You deserve the chance to get treatment on your terms in a way where you can get well.It depends on the person, the trauma and the specific circumstances.Here are some common symptoms of PTSD: Intrusive thoughts or memories of the event Flashbacks - feeling as if the traumatic event is happening all over again Nightmares - scary dreams about the trauma Avoiding places that remind the person of their trauma Depression - Some people who have PTSD have a sense of hopelessness after trauma Isolation - A person, might retreat from friends and family after experiencing a traumatic event Irritability - Feeling irritable is common for survivors of trauma Angry outbursts - Someone who has suffered a traumatic event may feel out of control at times and lash out at others as a result Many people who go through traumatic events have trouble healing — your life changes after you’ve been through a traumatic event.You may not know how to cope with what you’ve experienced, but you’ll learn over time.Try to be patient while you work through your emotions, and understand that you didn’t bring trauma on yourself.

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