Teens dating site for sex

Deciding when to have sex is a highly personal choice. Find an adult (such as a parent or relative) whom you can trust, and engage in an open and honest conversation about sex.

While it may feel embarrassing to ask questions and openly discuss sex, an adult can help you sort through the feelings and thoughts you are having.

Dating is the time to learn about the person inside, to discuss likes and dislikes, goals and aspirations.

During the teen years, peers play a large role in decision making.

Raging hormones, peer pressure, and the desire to grow up often make it difficult for young people to see dating and teen sex as two separate topics.

Dating is supposed to be a time to get to know one another, as you've probably already experienced a physical attraction.

Some sexual behaviors come with higher physical, mental, and emotional risks than others.

Risky behaviors may increase the rates of negative outcomes such as HIV, STDs, or unwanted pregnancy.

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Sex may have unintended consequences, such as pregnancy, HIV or STDs.

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