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If too many plants took this approach, flies and beetles might catch on and learn to avoid them, and then these plants would die out.[Hold Your Nose: 7 Foul Flowers]The plants hail from all around the world, although they are more common in tropical regions, where there are a wider variety of insects to carry out pollination, Raguso said.

The fact that this general strategy has evolved five different times shows that this strategy of deceit can work, but only up to a point; there are only several hundred brood mimics, compared with the 300,000 total species of flowering plants.

It's likely because the plant needs to attract flies and beetles from far away, Raguso said.

But little is known about these flowers, for the somewhat obvious reason that they smell like death, and most research involving flowers involves more pleasing odors, Raguso said.

The company says it is “confident” it will resolve the issues.

For that reason, though there are many plants that follow this strategy of "playing dead," they aren't easy to find and often have relatively small populations, he said."As a general rule, if you're going to cheat, you have to be rare," Raguso said.Some of the delirious odors these essences resemble include lion feces, dead rats and the carcasses of rock hyraxes, according to the study.Some of these plants are also capable of producing heat, just as carrion can become warm as it rots, Raguso said.Residents in the village of Kyleakin on Skye have raised complaints about an odour and a humming sound – which they say has started since the construction of a new salmon feed plant.The construction phase of the Mowi-operated facility – which cost £100million – is now complete, with the plant entering its commissioning phase back in May.

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The titan arum is a perfect example, producing heat after blooming.

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