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Stavropoulos National Sisterhood of Presbyteras Bloomfield Hills, MIBurke, VA Gus Stavropoulos Harold Peponis Bloomfield Hills, MIChicago, IL Anthony Stefanis Harry Plomarity Atlanta, GACorpus Christi, TX Bill G. Louis Roussalis Evelyn Tsiadis Metropolis Council Vice President President, Saint Basil Academy Metropolis of Denver South Plainfield, NJCasper, WY Savvas Tsivicos His Grace Bishop Sevastianos Wayside, NJof Zela George Tsunis Rocky Franklin Sisson Centerport, NYParadise Valley, AZARCHDIOCESAN COUNCILPast Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Archdiocesan Council1931-1948 1970-1972President – Archbishop Athenagoras President – Archbishop Iakovos Vice President – Judge John Pappas1950-1952President – Archbishop Michael 1972-1974Vice President – Antonios Anastasiadis President – Archbishop Iakovos 1st Vice President – Bishop Silas of Amphipolis1952-1956 2nd Vice President – Pierre Demets President – Archbishop Michael Vice President – Bishop Demetrios of Olympus 1974-1982 President – Archbishop Iakovos1956-1958 Vice President – Charles Maliotis President – Archbishop Michael Vice President – Bishop Germanos of Constantia 1982-1984 President – Archbishop Iakovos1958-1960 1st Vice President – Demetrios Peponis Vice President – Bishop Germanos of Constantia 2nd Vice President – George Chimples 3rd Vice President – George Charles1960-1962President – Archbishop Iakovos 1984-1986Vice President – Constantine Kotsilimbas President – Archbishop Iakovos 1st Vice President – Andrew Athens1962-1964 2nd Vice President – George Chimples President – Archbishop Iakovos1st Vice President – Bishop Germanos of Hierapolis 1986-19902nd Vice President - Spyros Scouras President – Archbishop Iakovos Vice President – Andrew Athens1964-1966President – Archbishop Iakovos 1990-1994Vice President – Paul Demos President – Andrew Athens1966-1968 1994-1996President – Archbishop Iakovos President – Demetrios Moschos2st Vice President – Paul Demos2nd Vice President – Phrixos Papachristides (for Canada) 1996 – 19973rd Vice President – Nicholas Konialidis (for South America) President - Alex Spanos1968-1970 1998- 2000President – Archbishop Iakovos President – John Catsimatides1st Vice President – Bishop Silas of Amphilpolis2nd Vice President – Panagiotis Markissini 2001- present President - Archbishop Demetrios100 Vice President – Michael Jaharis ARCHDIOCESAN ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (AACST)8 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075-0106 • Tel.: (212) 774-0206 • Fax: (212) 774-0589 Email: [email protected] Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America, Chairman The Very Reverend Archimandrite Dr. Nikolaos Paschalidis Executive Secretary [email protected]@Tufts University (emeritus) Applied Physics [email protected], MA The Johns Hopkins University Feinberg School of Medicine, Laurel, Maryland Northwestern University Prof. Subcommittee on Energy, Environment, and Economics;ent and future existence in the physical environment, criticallegal, ethical and moral questions emerge that often puzzle Coordinator: Dr. Adamantiades; andthe common citizen as well as the societal leadership. Subcommittee on Physical Sciences and Advancedof these issues have become hot and contested questions onthe political arena but have also entered the consciousness of Technologies; Coordinator: Dr. Such issues are specifically concerned with possible impact these developments might have on theo- The Committee has been working through local meetings, adlogical teachings and moral positions and practices that have hoc consultations, conferences, and exchanges of electronicbeen accepted and observed for centuries or even millennia. The Committee made presentations at all Clergy-Laity Based on the above observations, a need was perceived for the Congresses since the year 2002, as follows:clergy and lay leadership to be better informed on scientific the 36th, in Los Angeles (summer of 2002);and technological issues, and for the laity who are engaged in the 37th, in New York City (summer of 2004);science and technology to understand the broader implications the 38th in Nashville, Tennessee (summer of 2006); and(ethical, sociological, and religious) of science and technology the 39th in Washington, D. session on “The Ethics of Global Climate Change” with rep-To address these needs among both clergy and laity, the Arch- resentatives from the United Nations, the U. Government,diocesan Advisory Committee on Science and Technology the academic world, and the theological field. presenting the Orthodox Christian faith to the American- born generations.

Paul Sogotis George Vourvoulias Upper Brookville, NY Burlinghame, CA Metropolis Council Vice President Metropolis of Chicago Dr. Pappas Alex Spanos Park Ridge, ILBloomington, IN Stockton, CA Bill Vranas Skokie, ILProfessor Elias Patsavos Theodore Speros Gus Vratsinas Cambridge, MA Belmont, MA Little Rock, AR Catherine Bouffides-Walsh Rev. Constantinos Pavlakos Angelo Stamoulis Glastonbury, CTChairman, Archdiocesan Benefits Metropolis Council Vice President Rev. Steven Zorzos Committee Metropolis of Boston Washington, DC Holliston, MAPresbytera Pauline Pavlakos 99President Mark D. Tsahakis New York, NY Chancellor Metropolis of Atlanta Harry Raptakis Atlanta, GAFranklin Square, NY George Tsandikos Rev. James Rousakis Chairman, Leadership 100Clearwater, FL New York, NYDr. Gayle Woloschak.process information, the structure of the society, and our pres- 2. In this lastand the concerns that are generated by rapid advances and Clergy-Laity Congress, the Committee organized a specialradical changes. ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEEThe Administration Committee Rev. Historical background• Informational tool: Information regarding the National Ministries, availability of scholarships for college students, Archbishop Iakovos established the Orthodox Observerhow readers can contribute to humanitarian causes; and in 1971 in a tabloid newspaper format with the mission: ofcontact information for various Church organizations.

with other departments of the Archdiocese The Press Office is the daily conduit through which the Press gets information on the life and workings of the • Developing and maintaining a crisis plan and proce-Archdiocese.

Paul’s charge, is a Christian duty and • Developing and reassessing clear goals in cooperationan important ministry.

Papadakos Potomoc, MD Leawood, KS Mckeesport, PA98ARCHDIOCESAN COUNCILDr. The Committeesubstantive knowledge of Orthodox theology; and (iii) willing- works also toward the preparation of resource material that willness to devote energy and time to the task. Kyriacoumeets twice a year, each Spring and Fall, Rev. A few hundred copies also are sentto subscribers in 33 other countries on every continent Mailing and printing costs are about ,000 per issue,except Antarctica (thus far). The work of the Com-life is profoundly affected by them. • Developing and maintaining relationships with other press offices (church, religious, governmental, organi-It strives to provide advice and ways on how to deal zational)with the news media and, using news managementtechniques, helps the Archdiocese to maintain a positive The director of the Press Office also represents the Arch-public image and avoid negative media coverage. Costas Efthymiouand World Bank (ret.) [email protected] Johns University (retired) New York City As scientific and technological changes occur in our societies enriched with new members as more persons who fulfill thesetoday at high speed and with penetrating power, our everyday criteria are nominated and appointed. Its role is dual; on one hand to deal with duresthe Press and on the other to keep the Archbishop and • Assisting in Archdiocese special projects and in stag- ing large public eventssenior staff informed on press interests.Louis Roussalis Jerry Dimitriou Casper, WY Executive Director - Ex Officio/Non Voting Mark Adam COUNCIL MEMBERS Fred Chapekis Manchester, NH Northbrook, IL Rev. The Archdiocese isof parish life including communication, financial accounting, underwriting the cost of the program and the first year’s sup-recording and reporting, stewardship time, talent, and treasure, port and upgrades. Orthodox Church in 1892, the evolutionof the Greek American community has102ARCHDIOCESE BENEFITS OFFICE8 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075-0106 • Tel.: (212) 570-3535 • Fax: (212) 774-0294As Orthodox Christians we are called to trust ARCHDIOCESE BENEFITS OFFICE:in the Lord for all our needs both human Anna Vrettos, Directorand spiritual. Giannakopoulos, Vice Chairmangy the Archdiocese Benefits Committee Rev. It also National Finance Committee and was created in order to includes the standardized Chart of Accounts, and is intendedaccomplish a broad range of objectives.

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has been made possible through generous grants from the Niarchos Foundation, the Historical Development Stephan and Catherine Pappas Foundation and the Archbishop Iakovos Leadership Since the establishment of the first Greek 100 Endowment Fund. Greanias, Secretarywas established to direct and manage the Rev. Its constant task one of the world’s largest independent accounting fito oversee all the institutions of the Archdiocese and the ORTHODOX SOFTWARE INITIATIVE8 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075-0106 • Tel.: (212) 774-0273 • Fax: (646) 390-4904 Effie Marie Smith, Senior Manager Email: [email protected] Reid, Business Analyst Email: [email protected] Orthodox Software Initiative is a Subcommittee of the Archdiocese levels, as well as an executive dashboard.

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