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A local author (book: When 1 1=1 (& Cuando 1 1=1), blog: Invisible-Ties.blogspot.com) inspired by her experiences on the dance floor and conversations about relationships, her mission is to make dance easy and accessible to people of all backgrounds (especially those with two left feet!), to connect people through dance, and use tango as a means to develop and strengthen partnerships of all kinds.Plan your bookstore speed dating event today to promote your shop, grow store traffic, and increase sales.If you are in need of more inspiration about promotional bookstore activities check out these other blog posts on how to spread the book love!The invention of the cell phone has become one of society’s modern miracles.With dating apps and other digital conveniences people seem to have become less social especially when it comes to finding true love.We laughed a lot and it made meeting people really easy.

Looking for your dream Vulcan, but they’re in another universe? They have successfully hosted their event across the United States and Canada, and are happy to finally bring it home.

I have to say, I enjoyed everybody that I met and would highly recommend this event.

– Fay My friends and I went out to try something new we haven't tried before.

Contact Us For A World That's Reading A dedicated partner for publishers, retailers, educators, and libraries, we are working towards a vision of the world where anyone, no matter where they are, has easy access to the books they want.

Your very own dedicated team of book sales professionals. Contact Us An independent bookstore can provide a place for friends to gather, a cozy environment to read, or a communal spot where people can bond over the love of books.

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