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WE should start a self-help club for the scorned men and women of Tinder. After my last few Tinder dates – all varying levels of cringe, shame, horror and time wasted – I’m done with ‘swipe for love culture’.

Open the door to a new relationship by trying something entirely new and a bit left field. If your tastes are more high-brow then First Street’s HOME arts centre is a good shout when looking for a new mate.

Thankfully, Manchester is a city which loves its wine and there are various wine tasting classes to try out in the city.

Spanish restaurant Lunya put on highly recommended wine-tastings, while Hanging Ditch also offer up regular wine tastings beneath the cathedral. Cook up a storm and hopefully a great rapport with a fellow food-lover at one of Manchester’s various cooking schools.

They say ‘the way to love is through the stomach’, and what’s more impressive than being able to cook your own bread or roll your own sushi?

Whether you want to master Malaysian street food or finally make a Speed dating is the original Tinder.

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Wine tastings offer up the opportunity for wine-lovers to connect over a mutual love, be it white or red.

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