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In one group were Anthony, Craig, Maxwell and Saskia (all of whom are white British).In the other were Derek (Jamaican descent), Kemal (Turkish Cypriot), Makosi (Zimbabwean), Roberto (Italian), Science (black) and Vanessa (black).

Nominations Uncut and Diary Room Uncut also returned.For the first time, an American-style refrigerator was utilised, giving the housemates more space for food and located next to the store-room.However, the glass wall that allowed housemates to view the bedroom from the living area was disguised as a mirror to ensure that viewers would not be able to count how many housemates would be in the House.Media regulator Ofcom, which received over 900 complaints about the series, opined in response that Big Brother "offers viewers, unpalatable though it may be, a window on what some complainants believed to be the unacceptable attitudes of some members of society".Although Ofcom did not uphold any of the viewers' complaints about the series as a whole, they were particularly critical of the pool scenes and the scene involving Kinga and the wine bottle, stating that such scenes "operated at the limits of acceptability in terms of potential harm and/or offence for a programme of this nature, broadcast on this channel and at this time".

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Watson also revealed that he accomplished this by extensively utilising mirrors for an airier and cooler atmosphere.

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