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So crash-landed on a beach, still clad in leg irons, Jesse stared down the razor sharp edge of a sword at an angry man with the most arrogant cheekbones he’s ever seen. What happened to drive a wedge between the inseparable brothers?The Old West is behind him and the Land of the Rising Sun is all that lies ahead. The dragons are their only constant companions, but even they may not know the full truth. And that hidden truth inevitably will drive them apart.

Julianne Hough says she thought he was gay before dating him.

^ "Did You Know These Dancing with the Stars Relationships Happened Off the Show?

: So which ones ended up dating or even becoming something more?

And then a lil fluffy smut along the lines of like "I could've lost you" or "I'll never let them hurt you" Yakuza brothers Hanzo and Genji escape the clutches of a rival gang only to stumble on the quiet farm of loner Jesse Mc Cree.

With Hanzo wounded, they realize they have no choice but to stay, at least at first.

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