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The moment we try to apply a strategy for authenticity, we’ve already taken ourselves out of the game. Lion’s Roar reaches more readers like you than ever before.

available to everyone, providing a supportive, inspiring Buddhist community that anyone can access, from curious beginners to committed meditators. Unfortunately, advertising and other revenues are falling for print and online media.

I want them to leave my classroom smarter, kinder, and more self-possessed. Many years I teach the same books, but my approach depends on what's happening outside the classroom.

I want their successes to contribute to a more equitable society. This past year, I taught Toni Morrison's Beloved for the first time, using slave narratives, an excerpt from The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, and articles examining the legacy of slavery in America.

There will no doubt be plenty of opportunity for raucous girly nights out with female teaching colleagues but too many of those can wear anyone down?

Eventually one craves for a special night out with that one special person.

This investigation was the goal of the unit, not simply getting through an important novel.

In 2016, the unit will accommodate the aftermath of the Charleston shootings, including President Obama's eulogy, but who knows what else will beg for inclusion before March?

Although I'm no Dr Ruth where dating and mating are concerned, I always get the impression many of the guys who post their thoughts are still nursing the battle scars of failed relationships back in their homeland. She knows what it's like to live in a city where at times the entire foreign male population seems to be chasing Thai tail.How do we work with trust in the terribly artificial and potentially unsafe environment of online dating?You can’t know what is going to happen, ever, online or off. And in the meantime, you could suit up with gentleness, fierceness, and confidence in your indestructible worth (and the indestructible worth of your date, whether you like them or not).Soon, though, one profession emerged as an obvious choice: teaching.I envisioned sparking debates about important books and nurturing young writers.

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Since then, I've worked at charter and public high schools in both Los Angeles and the Bay Area, teaching ninth, 10th, and 12th grade English, as well as journalism and, for one year, something heinous called "Grammar Lab." I have primarily worked with low-income students, although recently my classroom has diversified to include more affluent kids as well.

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  1. Almost always it was, dress like this, look like this, not like this. We met with a couple of top experts in the field, and conducted research, which they reviewed, critiqued, honed, and that is how we were able to create “Breakthrough Dating.” A program that was designed to give singles the tools they need to get “unstuck.” We created a small event and out of 40 people that applied the program, four ended up getting engaged. To understand the difference between our approach and everything else out there requires a shift in mindset about what the purpose of a singles event is.

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