Having kids brings you back to your faith in the most beautiful ways.

But let’s face it, Emmy-winning writer will be in my obituary, so that’s pretty sweet. I showed up pregnant with no friends, and within just a few weeks of joining, I made the best mom friends I’ve ever had. The new rabbi there, Rabbi Ilana Mills, also moved from LA around the same time I did and also has little boys.Trust me, before this gig, I wouldn’t have been able to talk viral videos and Psy and Popping Tags, but now I feel better in the loop. Which of the TV shows you’ve been involved with was the most fun? Obviously, my favorite show is the one I’m on right now! To be totally sincere, Scripps, which produces this show, did something totally unheard of in the world of television when they hired me.Despite knowing I was pregnant, they moved me out here from Los Angeles, launched a show with me when I was 38 weeks pregnant, paid maternity leave so I could be with my little one and created an amazing work environment for a mom of two.On her official bio on The List website, Teresa says of lists: “You are either angry that the thing you love isn’t on the list, or you’re validated because your thing is on the list.Either way, it’s always something to talk about.” Teresa began her TV career in 1997 as a writer on “Win Ben Stein’s Money,” for which she won her Emmy.

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