Single mother and dating problem

Is there any wonder Japan’s population is predicted to decline from 128 million in 2010 to 86.74 million by 2060 (Kyota, 2015)? Child support doesn’t have much of a role in Japanese divorce.

Now, I am not saying single Japanese moms do not work. In a Japan Times (2014) article, a single mother accounts how the expense of childcare facilities and limited school hours make it difficult to work. In about 70% of divorce cases, child support isn’t collected.

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Japanese single mothers are one of those topics people do not talk about.

Japanese society has a long history of divorce, but during the Meiji Restoration, divorce became a problem for women.

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The Japanese government offers an allowance for single-mothers, but this fund has been in slow decline since it passed back in 1962 (Wu Dunn, 1996; Ono, 2010; Ichino. Only one study I found looked at how Japanese single-moms spend their time.

The study discovered how single-mothers spend less time eating dinner with their children than married mothers, but both types of mothers spent the same amount of time with their children.

There isn’t child visitation or child support payments.

The finality of divorce is reflected in Japanese history as I will discuss.

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