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– Was the first to get ‘Snarky Maknae’ image in SM ent. When he’s genuinely smiling, his right eye becomes smaller than left. – He always said that if he were to be reborn he would like to be a normal person/ non-celebrity. – Uncomfortable to do cute acts that’s why his image was easily transferred to Junsu. – He will be discharged from service on August 18, 2017.

– Changmin’s ideal type: “I’d like for her to be someone who I can be comfortable around.

I feel that when one is able to experience the emotions of dating in their 20s, it will be an asset later on in life.” What do you think of Changmin’s confession?

The lower range clearly seems to be one of his least developed registers.

On notes below D3, his voice will at times lose tone and become breathy, and at others, he will lower his larynx to fill his voice out as if to produce a tone he is aware he wouldn’t be able to produce otherwise.

An example of this would be the performances of “Duet” by TVXQ!

– Had a ‘scandal’ in a Japanese paper with SHINee’s Min Ho.

– Has least number of celebrity friends in the group. – Changmin has the highest IQ in Sm Entertainment with a score of 155.

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