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Contenders, individually or in teams, go head to head utilizing knowledge and skills to make it to the top.The thrill of the game and the challenge to overtake another are some driving factors to what makes racing fun and we notice these elements significantly in various racing anime.The journey to winning will not come easy for Hayato, as he must learn that it takes more than the best equipment to win.As he earns the respect of veteran drivers, takes part in various races, and prevents thieves from taking his cybernavigation, Hayato embraces the value of hard work and determination.Future GPX Cyber Formula captures the story of 14-year-old Hayato Kazami, an impressive Cyber Formula driver and the youngest to compete.

Is it being involved in something bigger than herself?

Additionally, Future GPX Cyber Formula is audacious, presenting to viewers heartwarming and reflective moments.

The year is 2048 and the “Immortal Grand Prix” or IGPX for short, is all the rage.

IG Machines—high-tech humanoid mechas—are driven in teams of three; racing at high speeds, the teams must complete three laps of the massive track. A member of team Satomi, we watch Takeshi evolve as a person and a pilot.

With machine, personality, and teamwork, our characters learn hard lessons in humility and competitive spirit.

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