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( please include a copy of the citation, or reference the citation # on the check or money order)Online at the Village's website ( MC, Discover, or AMEX only. Payments are not accepted by phone If burned, handle with extreme care and as little as possible.Attempt to encase each crisp sheet in plastic wrap in order to salvage as much as possible.If food was in a tightly closed or sealed container, or in airtight refrigerators or freezers, they may be salvageable.It is cheaper to replace the material than to jeopardize you or your family’s health by taking a chance. Sometimes there is a residual smoke odor from a small fire that is annoying and lingering.Take everything to your local bank for advice regarding replacement.Any food, beverages and/or medications exposed to heat or smoke should not be consumed.Fill out a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request at the Clerk's counter at the Village Hall.If a Plat of Survey is not on file or your existing Plat of Survey is out of date, you can hire a Professional Land Surveyor to assess your property and generate a new Plat of Survey.

You can pay for your parking ticket: In person in the Finance Department during normal business hours By check or money order by mail (payment is not considered made until it is received by the Village) Please include a copy of the citation, or reference the citation # on the check or money order In the payment drop box outside of Village Hall by check or money order.

A fee will be deducted from the bond for each failed inspection.

Please contact the Community Development department for further information.

For further details, you may contact these departments at: contact Engineering Department or contact Public Work Department Yes.

Anyone, other than the property owner, who is doing work on a project requiring a building permit, even without compensation, must be registered and bonded as a contractor.

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