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Roads and trails leading to Alder Gulch included the Bozeman and Bridger Trails connecting to the Oregon Trail from the east, the Mullan Road from points west and from Fort Benton, Montana the head of navigation on the Missouri River and the Corinne Road from Corinne, Utah and points south.

The first people voting 'hang' were to walk up-hill while those voting 'no hang' were to walk down-hill.Vigilantism arose because territorial law enforcement and the courts had very little power in the remote mining camps during the territorial period.In 1863–1864, Montana Vigilantes followed the model of the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance that existed in 1850s California to bring order to lawless communities in and around the gold fields of Alder Gulch and Grasshopper Creek.As the gold fields of Alder Gulch and Grasshopper Creek declined in 1865, prospectors and fortune seekers migrated to newly discovered areas in and around Last Chance Gulch (now Helena, Montana).As lawlessness increased, vigilante justice continued there with the formation of the Committee of Safety in 1865.

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