Settling estates liquidating stocks

An executor or administrator is appointed by the court to manage and distribute the deceased's property as defined by the Will and/or by state law.

Different states may have different requirements regarding Probate.

Assets are not available to heirs or designated recipient(s) until documentation requirements have been fulfilled.

When documents are missing, or did not meet legal requirements, we’ll contact you to resolve the situation.

Managing the tasks involved in estate settlement during an already stressful time can seem overwhelming.

Ameriprise is here to help guide you through the process.

If the deceased held a role on the account such as trustee or plan administrator, a distribution may not be warranted.

If items are missing, or did not meet legal requirements, we'll contact you to resolve the situation.

To determine if an Estate needs to go through Probate consult an attorney or the county or state Probate court for the area where the deceased lived.

A telephone number for the Probate court is usually available in the county or state government listings of the phone book, or through an internet search.

Each of these account registrations includes rights of survivorship for the surviving owners.

Upon the death of an owner the surviving owner(s) typically exercise their rights of survivorship and retain their ownership rights to all interest in the account.

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