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CHARLIZE THERON SHARES PHOTO FROM FIRST-EVER MODELING COMPETITION “The idea of working with Seth was something I was really excited about…

I read the script and I saw a lot of potential for us to go and do something that could work with the two of us that in a way — for me, not so much for him — felt like a real challenge,” Theron stated on working with Rogen.

The Australian International Screen Forum, at Lincoln Center through Friday, will re-screen the 25-year-old “Muriel’s Wedding.” Can’t celebrate an anniversary without the bride, so the film’s Toni Collette will play hostess at the Thursday night showing.

His next, out Friday, is “Us.” Peele: “In horror movies everyday objects are used as weapons. This is about duality of human kind.” Whatever that means.

It is wonderful sentiment that Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne could be happily married, and that what’s on the outside doesn’t really matter; as long as you can put a smile on the face of the person you love. And for whatever rom-com you have coming out next, I want to see Ryan Gosling and Rebel Wilson living happily ever after.

Of course, this notion that men are allowed to be average looking if they’re funny, but women are not, is utterly ridiculous and a huge double standard.

Women are not attractive because of their personalities, their intellect or their wit.

You know, the one where the hot young frat guy moves in next door to the married couple with a new baby, and trouble and hilarity ensue. In case you haven’t, here you go: The hot young frat guy is played by a mostly shirtless Zac Efron, who just quietly, is doing a stellar job at ditching his Disney image. We all know very well that looks aren’t everything. Although the more expensive coffee is a downside, the plus is that the slower pace of Western Australia provides much more time to dedicate to writing.

It appears that of 97 minutes in the film, Efron spends 95 of them half-naked, showcasing just how much free time he has to spend in the gym now that High School Musical isn’t taking up his whole day. Seth Rogen, the pale, overweight, generally dishevelled-looking comedian.

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De Vito: “All of it was shot in massive sound stages indoors in England. No stopping for rain, clouds, nothing.” OK, the elephant flies. 40th and 41st, are Benjamin Prime and sister spot Benjamin Steakhouse. Also, Kristen Stewart’s chiller “Against All Enemies.” It will land on Amazon Prime. I understand you’ll think erasing me might be the best thing since you stopped smoking, but listen .

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Theron is now saying that she is not currently looking for love.

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