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Ivo Andrić is the only Nobel Prize winner from Serbia. 1 spot in the ATP rankings for a total of 260 weeks.

Serbia is that it is the largest exporter of raspberries in the world.

Sava Kosanović, Tesla’s nephew, for the only rightful heir.Kosovo Cultural Heritage was created by ancients Illyrians and Romans with later indications by different empires in more recent centuries.When traveling around Kosovo, there are many opportunities to experience the very old civilization, unique culture, and distinctive traditions which are documented in archeological parks, natural parks, galleries, tower houses () in other words strongholds, religious monuments, and museums.As cheeses go, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Camembert are both very pricey.But they don’t even hold a candle to pule, an extremely rare cheese made in Serbia from donkey milk that was recently named the most expensive cheese in the world.

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When speaking about its natural resources, Serbia is a true jewel of Europe.

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