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Despite that, he has a huge fan following in his fan pages. Thanks again @guidogrimaldiusa @goodsession71 @lethalweaponfox @leslykahn @_seannwilliamscott @magslawslawson and the amazing wardrobe department! Does that mean, he’s gay rumors are going to be resurrected again?

But tell me, what's your best performance from this American Pie dude with a car trouble issue? It is all because of Seann’s hard work and passion. #lethalweaponfox #therewillbebud #seannwilliamscott #maggielawson #nicesthumansever #actor #acting #costar #bridalshop #weddingdress #katrinanelson A post shared by Katrina Nelson (@katrina_nelson1) on after developing problems in their relationship.

He has appeared in several movies as a guitar-player, animal rights activist, a police officer, and in many other roles but is still able to keep the image of American Pie’s Stifler alive.

Also, he said he will come out with all explanation when the time is right.

Hopefully, Seann’s fans will get to know the truth behind his gay rumors soon.

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Hopefully, his fans will get to know about his gay rumors soon.

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