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That’s what it is, you know, or some parent, I know that much.But at the same time you disassociated yourselves from the Maharishi.I always found that phony, but I’d find occasion to do it because I’d be so hung up, I couldn’t even think about myself.There are no “newspaper taxis.” Actually, that’s Paul’s line.My auntie knocked out all the truth bits from my childhood and my mother and I allowed it, which was my cop-out, etcetera.Wherever we went, there was always a whole scene going, we had our four separate bedrooms.When did you know that you were going to be working towards “I don’t believe in Beatles”?

I used to be up all night with Derek, whether there was anybody there or not, I could never sleep, such a heavy scene it was.

I was a fool not to do it, not to do what Paul did, which was use it to sell a record.

It was written in [London] Sunday Times sort of fab form.

The police escorted me to the places, because they never wanted a big scandal, you see.

At one point it said you and Brian Epstein went off to Spain.

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