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We will find out soon who is with whom, hope all of them are happy. Then Cherry says she is so happy not to be in a relationship - and then gets back into one. I have been on the fringe of their circle in New York and I'm not the only person who shakes their head at them - I just hope CJ is happy. The only way you'll really hear of Chely is on Twit/FB--and that's if you look for her. Depends on how much 2 people are evolved / evolving. Fire would just be battle after battle, and Earth are just boring (j/k). aside from the squirrel and gun thing which i'm assuming was not ;)And since you summoned Mama:how come when we get to where we always wanted to be all we can think about is where we were when we wanted it?:)Can't find it now, but didn't someone post about Sarah calling Chely DB. According to 132 Chely and Lauren are dating because Lauren has a nickname for Chely's dog. If and when Chely gets a girlfriend believe she will be private about it. Anyone who listened to Country music pre-Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift/Carrie Underwood knows who Chely is. Taurus too stubborn, Scorpio too deep & irritating for Taurus's practical nature. The signs are just one aspect--plus, you'd need to look at their rising & moon for a fuller pic. today i struggled with my dream of a simple safe life and the stark reality of a gay man forcing me to be the designer label whore that i am Lauren is not going to be hurt.Being able to talk to people openly about things you've kept inside. I think anyone who is starting a new relationship, and isn't quite sure where they stand with the other person-- or what is happening, because it's all new...I know how that closet feels so I understand the sense of freedom she has, once the newness wears off then she'll settle down and that's when she'll be ready for a relationship. isn't really ready to make an big "announcement," whether they are straight or gay, public persona, or private etc. I do believe Chely and Sarah were flirting and something happened that Sarah got cold feet. And yes, you CAN put her in with the major gay celebs.

Maybe I am wrong but I think Chely and Sarah are together that's why they stop twitting each other they could still be communicating, but through Phone or email instead. I wonder if it is really true that SP cheated on Cherry with JM. Mostly, because I find people like you hilarious to read. No one I know has ever heard of Chely, nor is she in the press very often. I've said it before, but she'd make a fabulous GLBT speaker--rather than trying to string together a tour. I'd say this pairing is a hot, quick, passionate love affair based on the signs. So we think Chely and Lauren are having alot of sex right now. Who's the top and who's the bottom in this relationship? Anyone can make up stories on the net, don't believe them. I forget what it was but i got the impression they'd all be doing something together on Saturday, but I don't see it now. OK don't be mad I know who CAM is but just wondering if mamaseeta1 had ever written anything that could remotely have been interpreted to be about Chely?You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.That little bio was great to see how she's changed but the parts about her mom and the end of Part 2 was kinda heartbreaking.Or two months ago you were SO SURE that Chely would go back to CAM.So forgive me for not believing the Lauren Blitzer thing for one second and for finding your "twitter logic" highly amusing I know it is kind of funny how Chely can't just be friends with any of these women, she must be hooking up with them.

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Could be the same Julie she was playing scrabble with the other day... Well, I think if she's snuggling with anyone it's certainly LB. I'm sure there is plenty left with can "detective" out Chely and Lauren were keeping quiet on Twitter for a few days but they're back at it [email protected] Thank for asking, Lulu. If I was Lauren I would be questioning that, of course, that's if Chely and Lauren are dating. Cherry Jones is a fascinating woman and sexy in her way as well. I do not own a tv - and I do not read The Advocate. Its great that she came out but she isn't a major celebrity overall or even in the gay community. Okay r151, the only place you've seen Chely mentioned is on DL? She just happens to be one of the most important public gays of our time, it seems to me.

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