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For someone who people think is gay, he’s had a handful of dates, Ryan doesn’t seem to be dating anyone right now, although the rumor doesn’t agree.

Apparently, he spent a lot of time with the model, Adriana Lima.

It’s not even half, but the seed has been sown and Ryan has been fighting this idea ever since.

The rumors almost affected his love life at one point that Seacrest had been persistent in pursuing his ex-girlfriend now, Julianne Hough for years before she agreed to go on a date with him.

He's one of the busiest people in Hollywood, so in many regards, it's shocking to think that Ryan Seacrest even has time to date.

But whenever he does, his relationships are often studied under a microscope by the tabloids, and sometimes, strange facts are found. Men have been getting away with dating much-younger women for centuries, but it's still intriguing to note that whenever Seacrest lands a lady, they often tend to be way, way, way younger than the now-42 year old.

“We’re talking to people all the time, and hopefully within a couple of weeks we might announce the first two,” said Cowell of the judges panel.

We are still on the fence about their relational status, however, according to E!

How does he do this, the same source revealed that,”…..

perhaps unaware that Americans do not say such things in public, Cowell punctuates his Seacrest mockery with “sweetheart”, suggested that the host “should know” if a competitor’s high heels were in fashion, and even advised Seacrest to “come out” of the closet.

Simon took a break from his often cutting critical comments to praise his new love interest, saying "she's adorable, isn't she?

" But the 53-year-old, who was speaking to American TV host Ryan Seacrest, was quick to confirm that the couple are taking things slowly "she’s not my girlfriend," he said, adding "we're people who date." And the two have certainly been living up to that status and are often spotted at LA's top venues.

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Sources say their schedules were just too busy, but Julianne gave a little more information about it when she told : “Every relationship was nothing wrong or bad, but nothing good, I had one foot outside because I didn’t want to get hurt.

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