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Simply click on the Advanced Button when you're on the ' Configure the Select Statement' dialog. Note: If you've enabled editing in the ASPx Grid View but your Data Source doesn't contain these commands then you'll likely see an error like this when trying to edit: To remove this error message you can: In both cases you'll want to intercept the data changing event as soon as the button is clicked.

Let’s say you are a super mogul who happens to own eighty-nine different stores, shops, cafes, and the like. So today your task is to send your GM information about which business buys what and where.values from this column should be represented as values of the combobox items.I have three grids on one form, and they all have inline editing.If you want to display a grid on clicking the edit link you have to create a template class and assign the template class to the grid's Edit Form Template. Page);where Detail Grid Template is a class derived from ITemplate. It's very easy and similar to the Grid View method.

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